Austin McMath : CrossFit Coach/MCF Gymnastics Coach

Austin McMath

CrossFit Coach/MCF Gymnastics Coach

I was first introduced to Crossfit the summer of 2010. The strength and conditioning coach for our high school football team was a Crossfit Coach and owned an affiliate with her mother. She invited me to come check it out and try a workout at her Box. I was instantly hooked! The energy, the atmosphere and the community were all incredible! I was so used to just showing up to the gym and doing the same boring lifts day in and day out that when I was introduced to this incredible, fun, and constantly varied form of fitness, I fell in love.

I continued to do Crossfit throughout College and tried to get my friends involved as well. But, being at a military college where we didn't get to leave that much meant, our options were limited. My love for Crossfit and my friends' desire and passion for wanting to get involved drove me to get my Level 1 in 2016 an I haven't looked back since!

The great thing about it is, that it is scaleable to any ability level! When I first started I was a scrawny and goofy high schooler who was pretty clueless about anything Crossfit and they introduced me to a new way of life! If you're looking for a change of pace, an amazing community, and a great way to fight off all the metabolic and chronic health issues of today; I invite you to give Crossfit a try!

Certifications: CF-L1

Erin Rhea : Owner, Head Coach

Erin Rhea

Owner, Head Coach

I am a wife, mother, business owner, nutrition coach, competitive athlete and CrossFit coach who resides in Georgetown,Texas.

In 2006, my husband Sean and I started our journey in growing our family. Over the course of the next 5 years, we had several miscarriages, and our first 3 kids. In those 5 years I struggled with depression, and turned to food for comfort. I became very inactive, and deconditioned. I put on 130 lbs. In 2009, I found myself sitting at around 295 lbs, after I had my second son. I was obese and hopeless.

Then, in 2012, when my third child was 9 months old, I was introduced to Mortal CrossFit. I took a leap of faith, and joined a friend for the Community work out. I didn’t die. Shockingly, I felt so good after, I thought I’d go back again. And again. I quickly saw my attitude towards life, and my health, start to look more positive. I had hope again.
6 years later, I have the humbling honor and privilege to be the owner and head coach, at that very same gym! Mind blowing.

In that 6 years, from first stepping into Mortal CrossFit, to now being the owner, I went on a crazy journey of losing 140 lbs, and gaining a ton of experience as an athlete, and coach. After successfully losing 80 lbs over 4 years, strictly doing CrossFit workouts, and trying to ‘be healthy’ with my eating , I found myself a Nutrition Coach in Austin, in 2016. This helped me learn more about the foods I was eating, and I learned how to fuel my body properly. I took myself from 215 lbs and 34.9% BMI, down to 155lbs, and 13% BMI in one year! I went on to become a nutrition coach myself within this program, and as an independent coach, also obtaining my CF Level 1 certification. Over the last two years, I’ve helped numerous people; set fitness goals, customize meal plans, learn about macros, and lower their BMI. But most importantly, I help them DREAM BIG about life!

Now, I am more excited than ever, to be able to share all of my knowledge and experience in living a healthy, purposed driven life, with the members in my gym, and the community!

When I am not coaching or training, I am playing with my 4 kids, and spending time with my husband! In addition to our kids, we have two miniature horses, chickens, barn kitties and two dogs! Thank goodness for CrossFit, and the physical and mental strength it gives me to keep up with this adventurous life we live!

Certifications: CF-L1

Jesse Sanchez : CrossFit Coach

Jesse Sanchez

CrossFit Coach

Bio coming soon!