24 Day Challenge – January 2014

Mortal CrossFit is hosting a Advocare 24D Challenge Contest. What is the 24D challenge? Watch this video and see  http://youtu.be/pAfKF8v3nN4

The 24D challenge will not only reset your body allowing better absorption of good nutrients, but it will also energize you and make you feel amazing. The 24D challenge can be customized to your lifestyle and taste. The first 10 days is the cleanse. The cleanse is a GI, Liver, and Kidney cleanse that cleans your body from toxins. After the cleanse is the MAX Phase. During the MAX Phase, timed release nutrients are placed back into the body, energizing you and allowing for better absorption of good foods. The three type of MAX options are as follows: MNS MAX C (Appetite Control) MNS MAX E (Energy)….MNS MAX 3 (Combination of C and E).

Other items that can be customized in the 24D Challenge is the Meal Replacement Shake. Several great flavors to choose from.

Other add on items for the challenge is Catalyst (Branch Chain Amino Acids), Carb-Ease, And Thermoplex.

Mortal CrossFit Challenge Rules

You DO NOT need to be a member of Mortal CrossFit to participate.

Challenge Starts 1/13/14 and will end  2/5/14, with final measurements taken or received 2/6/14

Two Ways to Win: Total Percentage Weight Lost AND Total Percentage Body Fat Lost (Must be measured at Mortal CrossFit or by a certified Personal Trainer to be eligible for this prize)

How to Participate

Get the Challenge here: https://www.advocare.com/120122447/Store/ItemDetail.aspx?itemCode=99050&id=A&flavor=b

If you can not get body fat measurements done, no problem. We will allow a photograph of before and after of your weight. If you want to be eligible for the body fat percentage contest, get measured before and after.

What’s Up for Grabs

Gift cards! We are offering a gift card for each winner!

Now is the time. Don’t delay as the 24D Challenge is on sale until the 21st. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. All Challenges need to be ordered no later than this Thursday, January 9th to make sure you can start by Monday, January 13th.

Q: Do I eat during the 24D Challenge?

A: Absolutely!! We prefer that you either follow the eating plan in the 24D pamphlet or eat using the Zone Meal Plan

Q: Does the 24D Challenge Work?

A: Advocare has a money back guarantee on all of their products. As a gym, we have lost over 1000# using Advocare Products.

Q: I Don’t want to lose weight, is the 24D Challenge for me?

A: Yes! The 24D challenge helps all people regardless if they have weight to lose or not. Some people who are trying to actually gain muscle will do so during the challenge if a proper nutrition plan is followed.

Q: Will I be doing this by myself?

A: Not at all. We will send out emails to all participants during the challenge to follow up and check in with you. We will also have a closed group FaceBook page just for people on the challenge. We can share recipe ideas and tips and tricks during the challenge.

Q: I Completed the Challenge….Now What?

A: We encourage a lifestyle change. Eating better, following an exercise routine of some sort….anything to make all of your hard work stick. Advocare has several products that are everyday items that make you feel and perform great.